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Two Horse Tack Testimonials:
My mustang "KiZmet" recently had teeth work done so to give her a break from the bit I got a bitless bridle from TwoHorseTack.com and KiZZy LOVES it! It only took a 1 hour session to get her used to and, and we went on a short trail ride after some round penning with it. It is like the original Dr.Cooks style, and we will be adding a modification to connect the poll straps so it can't pull through like the original style did. The PINK CAMO says from a distance that my girl is special. I might just keep her in her bitless from now on since she is we are riding trail, not competing.
~ Londi and "KiZmet"
KiZmet loves her PINK CAMO THT bitless bridle
Several months ago, I ordered an orange halter and orange side-pull bridle for my black Friesian mare. I’ve been very happy with them.

I put out a request to my riding students for volunteers to order new bridles for a few of my riding lesson horses. I had a HUGE successful response.

I am looking forward to having the clients bring the colorful new bridles to my barn. We will be replacing out the older leather bridles. The beta biothane will be so much easier for the kids to clean. The colors will make it easy to determine which bridle goes to which horse…. Red for Amos (black Friesian), Pink for Star (chestnut mare), Turquoise for Austin (sorrel gelding), Dark Blue (I think this is what she ordered) for cremello mare, Lil. Green for Appaloosa, Frosty. Dark Green for dark bay Duncan.

Thank you for making such a nice quality bridle.
~ Gale Wolfe from Gales Equine Facility
Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the leather Barcoo bridle I purchased! It is much nicer and better than I expected. I had bought the cheapo one from Valley Vet catalogue last year and was not impressed at all. I sent it back. Thanks for making such a hard to find item affordable and in good quality leather. Thanks so much!
~ Tara from California
Received the new sidepull bitless bridle the other day and it seems to fit Elby perfectly! I love how sturdy it is, since she's been known to break bridles before. Thanks for making such good quality tack for such a good price.
~ Karen and "Elby"
Elby loves her new sidepull
I LOVE my THT bitless bridle! The beta biothane is so easy to keep clean, and the flexibility is awesome, anytime of the year! I can wad it up and stuff it in my tack bag, and when I pull it out later it is still like new, not bent, warped or creased at all! My Kiger Mustang "KiRin" loves it too, and he is soft and sensitive to light input.

The staff at THT is awesome! I can't believe how fast they are able to put together and ship my custom styled tack. Truly amazing that you can get affordable quality tack that is personal and unique so quickly!"
~ Erik and "KiRin"
KiRin loves his orange camouflage THT
My halter, lead and lunge line arrived on my side of the world today and I am so thrilled with it. It is just lovely! It's like nothing we get in the stores here in South Africa. Thank you so much!
~ Caryn
Thank you Two Horse Tack--Whisper and her Human family love her new halter she won.. Our family finds that the buckle nose front is so much easier to work with. Thank you so much :}
~ Rachel
I can't even begin to explain how AWESOME the war bridle I won is. If ANYONE is hesitating to buy one, don't hesitate! I've had horses since finishing college, but I've ridden since I was 10, (I'm 54) and I've NEVER seen a bridle which was as well made. Even those I've purchased for over $250.00. My husband owned leather stores in the late 80's and early 90's, before I met him. He is as picky as they come about the quality of leather, the stitching, and the quality of the hardware, and he's impressed too!
~ Shelley
You guys are awesome AND fast - somehow you got my 1" LONG black beta leathers made and shipped to me in time for the weekend. THANKS!
~ Kristi
Thanks for the great tack. I received my order and I love it. The bling set is amazing!!!! I can't wait to try it out on my horse.
~ Cindy
My beta halter from Two Horse has held up to some serious mud and all the whims of a draft cross mare with ease. It’s also the only halter on the farm that didn't freeze or harden during the extreme winter weather. I recommend it to everyone!
~ Natalie

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