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Frequently Asked Questions

Beta biothane

What’s beta biothane, anyway?

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Beta is an alternate material that looks and feels like leather. It’s smooth but strong (actually, in quality tests, it’s stronger than leather) and holds up to all kinds of conditions. Rain, ice, mud, sun, you name it—beta won’t crack or fade.

Will it look like those faux leathers that I can spot from a mile away?

No. Although beta is available in a range of colors, you can also purchase it in the traditional brown or black and we’ve had customers tell us that friends don’t realize it’s not leather until they touch it and realize it feels nicer than leather. We also hand stitch our pieces for added safety and detail, which happens to make them look even more traditional.

How do I clean my beta tack?

Just rinse beta off in a mild dish soap and water—no scrubbing, and no conditioning. If you need a deep clean, throw it in the washing machine and air dry or put it through the dishwasher (with the dry cycle turned off). Your tack will come out looking brand new no matter how dirty it was to start out with!

Why are your products different?

We custom-craft our products at an affordable price. Our tack is handmade in the U.S.A., but that doesn’t mean we charge an arm and a leg for our stuff. We’re horse people ourselves so we understand the need to get a quality product at a great price.

So, where’s the catch?

We’ve wondered that ourselves. So far we haven’t found a downside to beta.


I do English/Western/endurance/trails/driving. Do you have tack that will work for me?

Yes, we do! Browse our store to find halters, bridles, breastcollars, and harnesses for just about anything. We’re always adding new products based on customer demand so keep checking back, or better still—shoot us an email if there’s something you’d like to see on our shelves.


My horse is really hard to fit. Can I just send you his measurements?

We really discourage taking measurements of your horse. For one thing, it can be difficult to do if your horse isn’t cooperative, but mainly it’s hard to get everyone using the same system—placing your measuring tape at even a slightly different part of the horse’s face or body can yield numbers that are different by a few inches, and that could mean that your tack won’t fit. What’s better for us is if you leave the horse’s breed and height in your order notes, and approximate weight if you know it. We’ve made tack for so many differently-sized horses now that we have a pretty good idea what size is going to work best.


If your products are custom, does that mean it will take weeks to get my order?

Nope. Most orders ship within seven business days, and we have a variety of rates available. Learn more here

Ordering Issues

I'm placing an order and I keep getting a message about an incorrect billing zip code.

-If your order is domestic, double check that the zip code you're using matches the credit card or PayPal account you're using to pay for your order. If your order is international, our store's software may not understand that not all countries have five-digit zip codes. Use our shop's zip code, 40324, in the zip code field in the billing section only.


My item doesn’t fit. Can I return/exchange it?

Yes, but certain conditions apply. Please see our returns page herebefore you process a return, and give us a heads-up before you send it back.


We are very active horse people ourselves and, like our tack enjoy, we participate in a variety of disciplines. We are always eager to help out fellow horse people. Please see our sponsorship page for more info.

Beta Biothane

We carry 23 dazzling colors of beta biothane. Looks like Leather, Feels Like Leather. Easy to Clean & Hassle Free!

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23 dazzling colors of beta biothane

High Quality Leather

Soft, Supple USA Tanned High Grade, premium Leather

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High Quality Leather
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