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Product Sizing Guide

Because our products are made to order, we’re as concerned as you are that the tack you order fits your horse. We offer all our products in a range of sizes so if you’re not sure which option will be most likely to fit your horse, or if he has unusual proportions, it’s best to include as much info about your horse in the order notes.

Helpful information includes the approximate height & weight of horse as well as breed.Please also let us know if your horse is of particular stocky or narrow build. Their age can be helpful as well if they are under the age of 4 or are still growing.

We find these specs are more consistently helpful than the horse’s face measurements—horses move, shift their heads, and their humans sometimes measure different parts of their faces than what we do.

All of this information should be included in the box marked “Order Notes” during checkout. The more information you provide, the easier it is to ensure a good fit.

However if you do prefer to measure your horse, please select “custom” under “size option” and include your measurements in corresponding box. Please double check your measurements before submitting—it is up to the customer to provide accurate information.

The most important figure we need (even for bitless bridles and halters) is the bit end to bit end measurement. You will need to measure from one corner of the mouth, behind the ears to the other corner of the mouth. You may also include browband, noseband & throatlatch measurements if desired. Please note when measuring browband of existing bridle please include piece that slides over cheek piece in overall measurement

Using a cloth rather than a plastic tape measure tends to produce the best results. It is also easier to measure an existing bridle if available.

****PLEASE NOTE*** Correct Size Selection is the responsibility of the buyer. Please provide as much info listed above to ensure correct fit. Still unsure about size? Check out our DEMO PROGRAM. This is a great, risk free service to ensure the perfect fit for you and your horse.

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