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Hunters Orange Beta Biothane Horse Neck Collar - Any Size, Any Style

Hunters Orange Beta Biothane Horse Neck Collar - Any Size, Any Style

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Our beta biothane neck collar can be an alternative to a halter for some horses. It's waterproof, fadeproof and sweatproof for use in the stall, the field or under saddle.
Designed to rest on a comfortable spot on the horse's neck without sliding over the ears.


Choose from a Range of Neck Collar designs based on what you need


-Turnout neck collars include a leather safety breakaway tab


-Regular neck collars do not and are one solid piece of beta biothane


-Hurricane neck collars have velcro closures for safety and can take permanent marker ink if you prefer to write contact information on them


-Adjustable neck collars have a greater range of holes for more precise sizing, as well as a ring for lead ropes


-Grooming Neck collars have 2 rings on each side for using in cross ties


- Picket Line Neck Collars have one sliding middle ring that can be used on a picket line


-No pullback Neck collars are designed to discourage pulling back by a tied horse

Now with the option to order a nameplate or a hanging tag to personalize your neck collar! Choose your preferred plate color or tag color and shape (circle or heart). Please note, neck collars with plates or hanging tags will take longer in production. Plates and hanging tags are not eligible for rush shipping. Hanging tags may ship separately. Plates may not be added to neck collars made from with neoprene padding.

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With Velcro safety breakaway, Phone Number can be written on material with permamemt marker
With leather tab for safety
No breakaway tab
With buckle for size adjustment
With rings on either side for use in cross ties
Designed to be used on the trail with a picket line
Two-inch collar with ring at the top
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