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TRAILER TIES made from Beta Biothane
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Our beta biothane trailer ties provide all the strength of conventional nylon trailer ties but are also much easier to clean in soapy water. Trailer ties come with a conventional snap on one end and a quick release snap on the other for safety. The 'panic snap,' as it's commonly known, will release in response to sudden downward pressure, giving you a quick option for removal in an emergency.

Choose from a fixed length trailer tie or an adjustable one. Fixed trailer ties are 24 inches long. Adjustable ties can range from 14 inches to 30 inches in length.

Beta biothane is a web-coated nylon material that is smooth to the touch and will ntot stretch or fade. Beta is industrially tested to be stronger than nylon.  Our 580 beta biothane looks so much like leather, you won't be able to believe it's not. This material is even thinner and more pliable than our regular beta biothane, and has the glow of recently-oiled leather!



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Beta Biothane

We carry 23 dazzling colors of beta biothane. Looks like Leather, Feels Like Leather. Easy to Clean & Hassle Free!

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23 dazzling colors of beta biothane

High Quality Leather

Soft, Supple USA Tanned High Grade, premium Leather

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High Quality Leather
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