**Better Than Leather** MULE BRIDLE made from beta biothane
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**Better Than Leather** MULE BRIDLE without Noseband made from 580 Beta Biothane

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ALMOST LEATHER Halter Bridle & Reins  Made from 3/4" 580 Beta Biothane

 Our 580 beta biothane looks so much like leather, you won't be able to believe it's not. This material is even thinner and more pliable than our regular beta biothane, and has the glow of recently-oiled leather!

This bridle is great for mules or ear shy horses. Crown Piece comes with snap, no more trying to cram your long suffering equine's ears between browband and crown piece. Great for inexperienced horses (or even novice riders) who need training or practice with bridling.

Fully adjustable at cheek pieces and throatlatch to help ensure a comfortable fit for your mule or horse. Our bridles are hand-stitched for added elegance with white thread (black available on request).

We offer a range of sizes, but can tweak one of our standard sizes to fit your horse. Please include the breed, height, and weight of your horse in the Order Notes Section at checkout. Also, if you're ordering from us for the first time and have an existing piece that fits well, feel free to include the measurements of that tack piece in the Order Notes as well. 

Need your gear in time for an upcoming show or event? Check out our different shipping speeds, and also let us know in the order notes if we should be working on a deadline and we'll try our best to get it to you. 

Beta biothane is a coated nylon material that's both strong and pliable, just like high quality leather. Beta is waterproof, fade proof and stretch proof, will not mildew, and can be cleaned with soap and water. It's maintenance free and will never need oiling or conditioning. Learn more about beta biothane here: https://www.twohorsetack.com/t-All%20About%20Beta%20Biothane.aspx

Your choice of nickel plated, rust-proof stainless steel or brass hardware.

Matching reins, breast collar, and curb chain or curb straps also available. Please see below.

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1. on 11/17/2020, said:
5 stars out of 5
Have a hard to fit horse? Try a mule, they'll give to you a run for your money! Jo is coming up on 3 years old, just hit 16 hands and uses a pony bit. When selecting her first bridle, I was careful. Although she hasn't shown ear sensitivity yet, I didn't want to create a problem. This bridle has a handful of different adjustments that allowed her first bridle experience to come with ease. Although she has a small head for her size, her ears are long than I prefer to shove under the crown piece. The clip made for an easy transition and although the bit was new and different, the ease of the bridle made her first experience a good one. The quality of the beta biothane is unmatched. It is thick, supple and easy to clean. I have no doubt that this bridle will live as long as she will and can adjust to her needs as she grows. Fantastic work by Two Horse Tack! I look forward to buying a mule bridle in every color!
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Beta Biothane

We carry 23 dazzling colors of beta biothane. Looks like Leather, Feels Like Leather. Easy to Clean & Hassle Free!

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23 dazzling colors of beta biothane

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Soft, Supple USA Tanned High Grade, premium Leather

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