Light N Easy Bitless Bridle made from BETA BIOTHANE (Solid Colored)
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Light N Easy Bitless Bridle made from BETA BIOTHANE (Solid Colored)

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Light N Easy Bitless Bridle


 This Aussie style of bitless bridle features a chin strap running from the throatlatch to the noseband, keeping the noseband from twisting or becoming too tight during use. The horse can release the pressure on the noseband by yawning or stretching his mouth. This headstall also features a strap under the lower lip on which reins may be clipped, allowing the noseband to be fitted looser than other bitless styles, in which reins clip directly onto a ring at the corners of the mouth. You can also clip this loop back to the chin strap, which will result in a sidepull-type action when in use. Experts suggest starting out with this configuration to help young or inexperienced horses get used to the sensation of a bitless bridle.


Like all our headstalls, the Light n Easy is made from ¾-inch beta biothane and is available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your horse and your personality.

The bridle is hand stitched throughout for added depth, and a leather-like feel. 

Available in 23 colors of beta biothane. 
Your choice of nickel plated, rust-proof stainless steel or brass hardware.

**Please note, the chin strap is nylon and is currently available only in black at this time.**

Matching reins, breast collar, and curb chain or curb straps also available.  

Product Reviews by Customers

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1. on 7/26/2020, said:
5 stars out of 5
I got the opportunity to try this beautiful Bridle out and it is amazing! All of their products are made to last and thats what makes this company so great! This bitless bridle is awesome! Adds just the right amount of pressure in the perfect areas! Don't let the picture fool you this bridles is one of the best bridles I have ever tried from this amazing company!! I HIGHLY recommend everyone try out this product!
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2. on 7/13/2020, said:
5 stars out of 5
This is a great bitless bridle! I love that it is padded. It fits great. I like that there is a ring to clip into so it is effectively a halter and a bridle. I was not sure how my horse would respond to the pressure mainly at the curb strap, but he did great! Highly recommended.
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3. on 5/20/2020, said:
5 stars out of 5
Had a chance to try this lovely bridle. Firstly, the picture on the website doesn't do this bridle justice - it's very elegant in person. I like this style of bitless bridle - the chin strap adds a bit of curb pressure without adding leverage. My mare that I tried it on seemed to like it, and I had no problems introducing her to the curb pressure. I like that you can use this bridle just as a straight sidepull, or add in the curb pressure. I love that it has the lead line attachment loop on it already - it was super easy to lunge in this bridle. The O rings at the end of the browband allow for a more customized fit, and the padding on the noseband, poll, and browband is fantastic. It's on my wish list for purchase!
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