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Snap on Browband WESTERN BRIDLE made with CAMOUFLAGE Beta Biothane
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CAMOUFLAGE Western Bridle with Snap on Browband

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Production note, Dec. 2021: Due to supply chain issues, we are temporarily unable to get the snaps for our browbands in a silver color that will match stainless steel or nickel plated hardware. We are able to get this hardware in black and gunmetal gray. As we await the arrival of a new shipment of our usual hardware, it’s possible the snaps on your browband may not match the hardware throughout the rest of the item. We apologize for any inconvenience. Brass hardware is not impacted by this issue. 

This  versatile bridle is perfect for trail riding, endurance or even showing. includes snap-on browband which easily allows you to ride with rope halter. Or add a throatlatch and use this headstall by itself. 

3/4" Camouflage overlay on 3/4" Beta Biothane Base. 

Beta biothane is a coated nylon material that's both strong and pliable, just like high quality leather. Beta is waterproof, fade proof and stretch proof, will not mildew, and can be cleaned with soap and water. It's maintenance free and will never need oiling or conditioning. Learn more about beta biothane here:

A great stylish option for hunters or trail riders.

Your choice of nickel plated, rust-proof stainless steel or brass hardware.

Product Reviews by Customers

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1. on 6/21/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
We received a snap-on browband western bridle (HORSE size grey beta biothane with blue camo) and matching split reins to review. We were excited to try these items since we have purchased synthetic tack from Two Horse Tack in the past and love it! The bridle and reins are well made with quality hardware. The buckles and snaps are heavy and the beta biothane is soft and flexible. I liked that the patterned (camo) part of the reins is not just an overlay, but actually shows the pattern on both sides of the reins. The camo pieces have a clear plastic over them that makes them feel durable and will protect the print. We tried it on our drafty mustang and our full draft Clydesdale/Percheron cross. The HORSE size fit the mustang with plenty of room to adjust for a larger horse, but was not quite big enough to make it around the full draft’s head (so I will be ordering one in his size now too!). The browband was a good length for the mustang and kept the headstall away from his eyes. One of the things that I really like about this headstall is that the throatlatch can be removed and the browband can be snapped onto a rope halter. It’s a handy feature when I don’t want to have to slip the halter off to bridle my horse when he is wound up at a trail ride and not safely contained in a fenced area! The buckles are all very easy to adjust. One improvement or add-on that I might suggest would be to put a keeper next to the throatlatch buckle. The beta biothane is sort of springy, so the loop that attached to the throatlatch snap would not lay flat – a rubber band or keeper would fix that small issue. The grey beta biothane with blue camo is a great color combo! My daughter says that it looks like a Harry Potter Ravenclaw bridle since the camo is actually branches over a solid background instead of typical camo color splotches. We’re very happy with this bridle and will be purchasing another one in a larger size to fit my draft horse. The only challenge will be settling on a color for him – so many choices! Beta biothane is great!
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Please select how cheek pieces of headstall will connect to the bit.
(Safe & Secure)
Blends into Headstall. Backing screws into place with Flathead Screwdriver.
Same Style Buckle as Cheek Piece. Easy to remove and exchange bits.
For traditional Western Look
Super Easy and Quick exchange and removal of bits
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