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MINI HORSE SIZE Buckle Nose Halter made from BETA BIOTHANE

MINI HORSE SIZE Buckle Nose Halter made from BETA BIOTHANE

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Buckle nose halter in mini horse size

Buckle nose halters let you switch from bridle to halter and back without leaving your horse's head free. A great piece of safety gear to ensure your horse does not get loose at a show or a ride. Also good for novice riders or green horses.
 Our Halters also feature:

• Double Buckle Crown Piece - This allows for greater adjustment. It is also easily replaced if broken • Easy on and off throat latch snap - Durable snap that allows for easy removal of halter. You may also request without in order notes • Optional Breakaway Leather Crown - Turn any halter into a turnout halter by adding a breakaway leather crown piece • Matching Lead Optional: Available with Snap or chain • Stainless Steel Hardware. No Rust Guarantee. Brass Hardware also available

Your choice of Halter widths. Our recommendations:

• 1 inch recommended for larger horses - Horse Size & Above • 3/4 inch great for smaller horses, also gives refined look for larger horses - Larger Pony, Cob Size & Arab & some Horse Size • 5/8 inch - Foal & Mini sizes

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Single piece (8 ft overall, 4 ft per side)
Split reins (14 ft overall, 7 ft per side)
Roller buckle in middle (10 ft overall, 5 ft per side)
Single piece (10 ft overall, 5 ft per side)
Safe and secure but not suggested for frequent on/off
Easy on/off
Nickel plated scissor snaps
Stainless steel scissor snaps

Beta Biothane

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23 dazzling colors of beta biothane

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High Quality Leather
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