Buy a Halter, Give a Halter - SAFETY HALTER & LEAD with Leather Breakaway Crown

Buy a Halter, Give a Halter - SAFETY HALTER & LEAD with Leather Breakaway Crown

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Here's an easy way to help horses in need while shopping for your own. Buy a safety breakaway halter, and we'll give one to a 501(c)3 equine charity. 

The one item rescues tell us they're always looking for is halters. While your horse is wearing the custom halter you designed for him or her, you can take comfort in knowing another breakaway halter like yours will be helping a horse in need.  Our safety halter gives you the best of both worlds -- our colorful and easy-to-clean beta biothane turnout  halter design with the safety of a leather breakaway crown.

Choose from our complete range of beta biothane colors for the halter and leather colors for the crownpiece that runs over the ears. If your horse breaks the crownpiece, you don't have to replace the whole halter. 

Your choice of hardware and our complete range of sizes. Black neoprene padding is available for especially sensitive horses. You may also choose between a solid chin or an adjustable chin (pictured) as well as a throatlatch snap on the right side of the cheek for easy on/off.

Select the trusted rescue partner you'd like to receive a free halter from the dropdown menu. Don't have a preference? We can choose one for you based on who has the greatest need at the time of purchase.

Our rescue partners are 501c3s who have told us what size and number of halters they need. As one organization's needs are met, we'll rotate a new one into the dropdown menu for customers to choose from.

Here's a little information on the rescues currently in the queue: 

-13 Hands Equine Rescue In New York: Rescuing abused and neglected horses and rehoming some; others stay on to be a part of the equine assisted therapy program

-Animals Guardians Rescue in California: Providing sanctuary to older equines in need in Southern California

-Arabian Horse Rescue in Oregon: Dedicated to rescue and re-home Arabian horses at risk of shipping to slaughter, mentor youth, and educate the public on the sensitivity and versatility of the Arabian breed.

-Baby Girl Horse Rescue & Veteran Ranch: A dual-mission endeavor to help abused, neglected, or homeless horses and veterans with PTSD and/or MST.

-Free Rein Equine Rescue in Nevada: Free Rein is a rescue that was organized to rehabilitate and rehome equines that are in need, specializing in feedlot rescues.

-Front Range Equine Rescue in Florida: Dedicated to preventing abuse and neglect through rescue and education

-Georgia Equine Rescue League: A non-profit group working to solve the issues of abandonment, neglect, and cruelty.

-Iron Gait Percheron Draft Horse Rescue in Georgia: IGP rescues Percheron and other draft  breed horses from abuse, neglect, abandonment, slaughter, or victims of the current economy, refurbishes all of their medical, nutritional, and emotional needs, retrains them for new riding careers, and provides a thorough screening process to find them safe, loving forever homes.

-Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance: Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance continues to pursue the preservation of mustangs by means effective herd management and of responsible ownership 

-Love This Horse in California: A horse rescue specializing in taking in forgotten, neglected and abused Arabian horses from law enforcement seizures, local animal shelters, distressed owners, and from low-end horse auctions. 

-Mountainview Horse Rescue: A Pennsylvania group dedicated to preventing inhumane slaughter of abused, neglected, and unwanted horses.

-New Mexico Horse Rescue: A New Mexico organization providing safe, comfortable home for horses, donkeys and mules who have been neglected, abused, abandoned, or whose owners can no longer care for them.

-Project Spirit Horse Rescue in Oregon: Project Spirit is a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for abandoned, neglected and abused horses in Oregon

-Western Montana Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation: Providing owner education for at-risk horses and mules, and rehabilitation/rehoming where necessary.

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