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WESTERN BREAST COLLAR made from BETA BIOTHANE (Mix N Match) **Green Bean Official Tack***
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WESTERN BREAST COLLAR made from BETA BIOTHANE (Mix N Match) **Green Bean Official Tack***

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This product is the result of a partnership between Two Horse Tack and Green Bean Endurance, an online community for new and aspiring endurance riders to meet, learn, and cheer each other on. Green Bean tracks points for completed rides and gives members the chance to win free tack and other great prizes. A portion of sales will go towards supporting Green Bean and its mission.

Made from your choice of 5/8", 3/4" or 1 inch Beta Biothane.

Shoulder straps are are the official Green Bean Lime Green

Your Color choice of any solid colored Beta Biothane used on belly strap & Tug straps ***Pictured in photo as Black***

Stainless steel hardware throughout. WILL NOT RUST!!! GUARANTEED. 
(Brass and nickel plated hardware also available )

Fully adjustable. Optional Over the Wither/Neck Strap also available. This is completely removable piece that goes over horses neck and keeps shoulder straps from hanging to low. Great for trails! Includes scissor snaps on both ends for easy on and off.

Scissor clip attachment on breast collar. Choose a Slide Over Attachment if using with a girth without dee rings. Or try our handy Girth Loop. This time saving device stays on girth and provides a dee ring to easily clip too. Works with any type of girth.

Additional snaps are available for tugs of saddle. Martingale attachments (running or standing) are also available.

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A Removable strap to that goes over the Neck or withers. Keeps shoulder straps from hanging low. Great for trails! Has scissor snap on both ends for easy on and off
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23 dazzling colors of beta biothane

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