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**Glow In the Dark** Turnout Halter made from BETA BIOTHANE (Solid Colored)
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**Glow In the Dark** Turnout Halter made from BETA BIOTHANE (Solid Colored)

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Introducing Glow-in-the-Dark beta biothane! We've offered reflective Day-Glo for a while, which reflects the light around it around dawn and dusk. Our Glow-in-the Dark will show up in total darkness, generating its own light. Glow-in-the-Dark orange overlay on your choice of base colors.

Beta Biothane is a super strong, easy to clean material. It feels and looks like leather, without all the hassle. It can be easily washed in soap and water.  For ground-in dirt, wash inside a pillow case and throw into your washing machine. It can also be cleaned in dishwasher, but remember to turn off the dry cycle!

Our Halters also feature:

• Double Buckle Crown Piece - This allows for greater adjustment. It is also easily replaced if broken

• Easy on and off throat latch snap - Durable snap that allows for easy removal of halter. You may also request without in order notes

• Optional Breakaway Leather Crown - Turn any halter into a turnout halter by adding a breakaway leather crown piece

• Matching Lead Optional: Available with Snap or chain

• Stainless Steel Hardware. No Rust Guarantee. Brass Hardware also available

• 5/8 inch - Foal & Mini sizes


Available in 27 Colors of Beta Biothane

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Beta Biothane

We carry 14 dazzling colors of beta biothane. Looks like Leather, Feels Like Leather. Easy to Clean & Hassle Free!

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14 dazzling colors of beta biothane

High Quality Leather

Soft, Supple USA Tanned High Grade, premium Leather

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High Quality Leather
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