English or Western Breast Collar

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Win a free Breast Collar! Your choice of style - English or Western. Breast collars are not just a stylish accessory but a important piece of safety gear. A properly fitted breast collar helps keep the saddle from slipping back or to the side. Made from Beta Biothane or Leather. English breast collars are made from 3/4", Western Breast collars are 1 inch. Fully adjustable on shoulder straps, tugs (pieces that connect to saddle) & belly strap. Scissor clip girth attachment on breast collar. Slide over girth attachment available for girths without dee rings or try our handy Girth Loop.
Beta biothane is a super-strong, versatile material that provides the flexibility and strength of leather without all the fuss. It stands up against sunlight, sweat, water, mud, and heat without cracking or fading. Beta tack can be made good as new with a scrub in soap and water. For ground-in dirt, beta can be put in the washing machine or dishwasher (just skip the dry cycle). We believe that once you try beta, you won’t go back to leather!

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